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Texas Wine - It's Not Just About Lonestar Beer

Last few years have witnessed a growing popularity of Texas wine in the national as well as international market. One of the biggest testaments to their growing popularity was Grapefest 2004, where over 240,000 people attended this fest and over 20,000 plus votes received for the 2004 Peoples Choice. Grapefest is the largest wine festival in the state. According to one estimate, Texas now has 87 wineries and is the 5th largest wine producing state in the nation. Texans consume nearly 37 million gallons of wine a year and upon given a chance most Texans would prefer to buy a wine produced in Texas. That clearly leaves a plenty of room for Texas wineries to produce an increasing share. In addition to that there is a huge demand of Texas wine in the open market. No doubt, wine has a great impact on Texans life because it generates revenue and employment. During the year 2004, the wine industry generated $200 million along with 1,898 jobs for Texans. And, now due to new legislation, you as a wine lover ca...


Save Money By Brewing Your Own Beer

There are few pleasures in life to match a nice cold beer on a hot day, and the best way to round off a hard days work is, in many peoples mind, a trip to their favorite bar to partake of a couple of glasses of their chosen brew.Unfortunately though, the rising cost of beer over the years has resulted in lots of people having to think twice before indulging. The reason for these prices rises are well documented - taxes and the increased price of the raw materials, and though we understand that prices for everything rise over time, the speed at which it is has risen for beer has led many of us to think that maybe it just isn't worth it.The benefits of having a home brewery are clear to most people. However, there is a sense, as with many things, that it just isn't the same. Some people feel that it is just too much effort when it is readily available in stores and bars all around them. However, as prices at the liquor store and the local bar climb ever higher, it is now more than ever an option to be considere...


Home Beer Brewing Easy As 1-2-3

Brewing beer at home must be one of the most rewarding, and delicious hobbies known to mankind! When you get involved with home beer brewing, you will never look back once you taste your first hand-crafted beer. To get started all you need is some instructions and a kit of equipment... then it's all up to you.A home beer brewing kit is a great gift idea for people that are looking to get involved with brewing beer as a hobby. A kit will provide them with everything they need to get started with, including all the equipment and supplies... such as extract, yeast, bottles, and other important gear.Some Tips For You:One - make sure you have allocated enough room to do your home brewing, whether it be a separate room, outside, or even your shed... you will need a dedicated area just as you need dedicated equipment. Also be sure to remember that all your gear needs to be properly sterilized and cleaned before use!Two - fermentation needs constant temperature, different temperatures for lagers and different for por...


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